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We provide your furniture a "Face lift" to create a chic and fresh look in your home.

We repair, paint, stain & custom build furniture.

Custom Furniture to your specifications

Custom requests for anything you might be looking for. Need a coffee table to match your living room decor or a new night stand? Contact me and I will create a custom piece to match your specifications.

Paint service

Paint services are available with chalk paint, acrylic paint and oil based stain. Each paint job will be finished with a sealer. There will be a color matching process to create the perfect color for you.

Cracked or broken wood repair

Cracked and broken wood will be repaired with wood filler, wood glue and, in some cases, solid wood pieces. 

Stain repair

Stain repair will include, in most cases, sanding of the entire surface, re-stainging and sealing. A color match process will take place in order to match the new stain as much as possible to the original one.

Antique and vintage furniture restoraition

The restoration process will be done in a manner that is the least invasive as possible in order to preserve the value of the piece. Restoration may include repair of stain or paint, breakage, cracking of the wood and more.

Chair Upholstery

At the moment we only offer upholstery for chairs with removable seats. We offer fabric but you may bring your own. Foam replacement is available as well.

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