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A Little About Hila

My name is Hila,

I love taking pre-owned furniture and finding ways to bring it back to life by painting, repairing or completely reconstructing the piece.

I had opened Chic doctor in 2015 and taught myself, with a lot of help from Youtube, how to repair wood, sand, stain, paint and build furniture and I try to learn more everyday.


Working with recycled material is very important to me and should be encouraged around the world. We are in a point where we need to take responsability for our garbage an try to reduce the amount of waist we create.

The term Upcycled comes from the words Upgrade + Recycle.

Yelp Reviews

Shabby Chic Living Room

Chris Hernandez- "I love my coffee & end table. Thank you Chic Doctor (Hila)."

Chris had purchased a new house and was looking for some fresh looking furniture to brighten up the living room. I had sold her a side table and two days later she came back for the matching coffee table (at an amazing discount of course).

Bunk-bed Revolution

Leah - "My 15yrs old loves her BEDS! It works PERFECTLY with her Bohemian Beach style!!! Thank u thank u!! - Leah

I had gotten a request to transform this bunk-bed into two seperate shabby chic, coastal style beds. White paint and a lot of sanding and we got ourselves two modern, fun beds.

"Splash Style" Table

James - "That's an amazing idea! Silver will match the accents in our living room more. You're amazing. Thanks!

James had seen a table I posted online but ended up commissioning me to paint another table I had. I painted it to match the table he saw online and stained  the pulls silver to match his home decor.

Nightstands Face Lift

Sara Duenas - "Had two nightstands painted. Great work, timely, and good communication."

Simple white chalk paint can make a great change when it comes to your bedroom look. 

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Customer Reviews

Interview at "The South Bay Show"

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